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Leaking Pipes

We all know pipes in our homes can burst for a variety of reasons including their age and structure, general wear and tear, and even vibrations from heavy traffic. Piping is also particularly sensitive to temperature changes, which is why we expect more bursts during the winter.

At Blackpool and Fylde Plumbers we understand that it can be a nightmare that most homeowners hope they only have to dream about and never experience. However there may come a time when that pipe suddenly springs a leak and water starts spraying.

The main thing is, don't panic. First, turn off the water supply to the leaking pipe. This may be at the fixture supply valve in front of the leak or at the main water supply valve itself. Shutting off the water will stop the water flow and give you time to think.

Now give the Blackpool and Flyde plumbers a call and we will have a plumber with you in no time to solve the problem and replace the piping.

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