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All drainage systems suffer from a build up of soap, fat, grease and hard water scale that have built up over many years that lead to blocked drains. Blackpool and Fylde Plumbers use the very latest technology available for unblocking drains, clearing blocked drains and descaling drains to remove uric scale, lime scale and concrete residue, etc from all types of pipe work.

To resolve drain blockages, we would use one of our specially manufactured electro-mechanical de-scaling machines and high pressure water jetting leaving a smooth, scale free pipe and restoring free flowing conditions.

We can handle any blockage type, any pipe, in any situation. We carry sufficient equipment for stubborn blockages conventional rods and rotary machines to high pressure water jetting units. We also carry cleaning and de-scaling equipment for all types of pipes drains and sanitary ware to resolve the problem hygienically and efficiently.

Drainage Services In Blackpool Include:

  • Drains Unblocked & Repaired
  • Total Drainage Service
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • Relining & Rerounding of pipes
  • Closed Circuit TV Pipe Surveys
  • Patio & Decking Cleaning

Unblock Sinks, Bath/Showers/ Toilets/ Gullies

We have the expertise knowledge in providing solutions to drainage problems for residents in Blackpool such as unblocking sinks, unblocking toilets in domestic homes or commercial/ business premises. We aim to solve all drain blockages as quickly as possible, but not compromising on efficiency and at a fair price.

Drainage Maintenance Services

We supply expert drainage maintenance services in the Blackpool area. We provide both measured term and planned maintenance contracts. Regular contract cleaning and maintenance programme of systems, individually surveyed and tailored to the needs of each system with regards to usage age and location.

CCTV Drainage Survey reports and Survey Inspections

Blackpool and Fylde Plunmbers specialise in CCTV Drain surveys/Inspection in the Blackpool area. By using the latest equipment available to our industry, we are able to quickly identify and pinpoint faults within the pipe work of any drainage system. CCTV Drainage Survey report can be supplied on a DVD and includes a written report detailing the condition of the system with recommendations given for any remedial works required to rectify any damage highlighted by the CCTV drain survey.

For a Full CCTV drainage survey service in Blackpool, we do a full jet clean of the drainage system and after we check for subsidence cracks, blockage checks, for hidden man holes, interceptors etc.

All drainage works comply to all relevant Health & Safety at Work Acts.

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